Monday, March 9, 2009

Tula Ruins

A couple of weekends ago our band of explorers visited the site of the ruins of 'Tula' with the 15 ft. statues in stone - the Atlantes. The Toltec civilization lived here and the archeologists believe that the orders of the jaguar and eagle warriors and the practice of massive human sacrifices are likely to have begun here.

If you will look at some of the pictures of the reliefs you will notice the theme of a human being devoured by a serpent. This wall is located on the main temple grounds and depicts human sacrifice.

I find the symbolism of the serpent very interesting in this depiction for numerous reasons - first, these ancient peoples thought that they were worshipping a God through human sacrifice; second, in our Christian scripture there is an immortal that is also depicted by a serpent; third, human sacrifice is not practiced as worship to God the Father and his Son. Thus, I thought it was very appropriate that these ancient peoples who practiced human sacrifice to appease the 'God' were representing that immortal being as a serpent. The same being they are depicting in their reliefs, I believe, is the same being that is represented in our Christian literature as a serpent.

Our band of explorers had a great time visiting the museum and the pyramids and seeing the ancient statues and reliefs! We hope you enjoy learning a little about the Toltecs from our experiences! Adelante!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,

We are getting there on April 13 for a long term assignment and back with my dear Mexican friends and the beauty of the surrounding. I sure hope I will get a chance to see you prior to your departure back to your home country. See you soon!

La belle Aurore