Friday, March 13, 2009

The Mexico City Temple

This past weekend my husband and I traveled with our congregation to the Mexico City Temple. It was a wonderful, uplifting and beautiful experience.

We traveled in buses with the members from our area; leaving at 5am. When we arrived at the temple the parking lots were filled to capacity and there were long lines to attend the sessions in the temple. It was wonderful to see all the faithful Mexican members of the church literally lining up to take part in the learning and the supernal beauty that is part of the temple ordinances. My husband and I waited for approximately 2 hours to take part in a temple session. We were able to sit with and quietly visit with the members - we enjoyed immensely their testimonies, their spirits and their dedication.

Although it was a unique experience to attend a session completely shared in the Spanish language - we were each able, once again, to learn something new and to appreciate to a greater extent the absolute magnitude of having a worldwide church! What a blessing it was to take part in an international experience within the temple.

Below is a video produced by the LDS church and shares why temples are built in the church. If you reference the Holy Bible you will find that temples were (and are today) the great symbol of heaven and becoming closer to our Father in Heaven.

If you have question - please watch this video and reference your personal scriptures - look in the Holy Bible for how temples were used in the ancient days and you will find, for yourself, how the LDS church uses temples today.


Loralee said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful video. It is so uplifting.

Love you!

GramGrampsGazette said...

Great video --glad you found it to share with us! Glad you had a good trip to Guadalajara too!