Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wonderwoman, Superwoman... a.k.a. Mother

I have recently realized that Motherhood is nothing less than leaping tall buildings in single bounds and saving your own little universe!

With a wonderful husband off at work - and most of the time he is seriously away (both mentally and physically) - I am the cook, maid, taxi driver, entertainer, referee, consoler, nurse, pillow, teacher, tutor, IT help desk, HR human inter-relationship specialist, dance instructor, singer of lullabies, reader of books and more! All of this constitutes being a mother!

So, wonderwoman had her lasso of truth and superwoman can fly - but, could either of them top the tremendous capacity of a mother? I think not!

When did you realize your greatness as a mother? How did it affect you and your children? I'd love to know...

Friday, March 19, 2010

An evening with Govenor Mitt Romney

Governor Mitt Romney was in Texas last evening on his book tour for "No Apology". My cute husband stayed home and cared for our little ones while I zipped off during rush hour (which is such an ironic name as one cannot 'rush' anywhere) to get to the event.

The event was very well attended, extremely well received and I was impressed with the broad spectrum of people attending. I did notice with concern that my age demographic was very poorly represented - but, that could very well be that many of my peers are rushing home to families and home responsibilities after a full work day.

I was grateful to attend and be able to speak with Governor Romney for a brief, very brief moment. I believe he is a tremendous individual who has a vision for the future of America and I believe that his presence on the national stage can serve to remind us of the important virtues our country was founded upon.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Boys will be Boys...

As if cutting off his toe once - drilling through that same toe's nail again to release blood pressure after a second injury and ending up in the ER for excessive vomitting (after receiving eight immunizations from a nurse who was not paying attention) was NOT enough... my dear son decided to see what a full kernel of corn would do if he stuck it into his ear canal.

Well, one day, three doctors visits and surgery later - his ear canal is empty and he knows that 'the only thing that is supposed to go in my ears is SOUND!'

My husband and I only hope he has learned that lesson through all of this!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mile Mark...One Year Later

We have been home from Mexico for 10 months now and for 6 of those months I did not have access to a pool. My dear husband surprised me by purchasing a gym membership for me to a gym with an indoor pool! So, today - almost a year after I began swimming a mile a morning... I have hit the 'Mile Mark' again in swimming and I hope to continue from here!