Monday, March 30, 2009


"Do you guys want grilled cheese and soap for lunch... I mean, sopa (soup)?" - My cute husband taking lunch orders.


We had a day at the 'estetica' or beauty shop and all of our little ones came out looking adorable!

Here are the photos:

Feliz Cumpleanos Daddy!

This month my cute husband was away from us for his birthday! (He was signing on our next house back in the United States!)

The day he came home the children led him from the front door to their birthday surprise! They helped make the cake, decorate the cake and buy and wrap his present. Each little one also made a special birthday card - some of the cards had even been colored with make-up!

Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eight is enough... plus one!

This is what the breakfast table looked like for 5 days this month while some friends of ours went on a vacation! We had 9 (yes, nine) children living in our house! The ages ranged from 2 years old to twelve years old! After every meal I washed between 11 and 22 dishes with TONS of silverware! Every night after bathtime I washed 11 towels (because we only have 12 towels to our name while here in Mexico)and we went through 2-3 cereal boxes in one morning - it was pancakes and fruit after that!

We had a blast! The kids were all great - but I had a 2 year old again - 24 hours a day (only for 5 days) but - Wow! that can really remind you of ALL the things that I don't miss during those first few baby years! (But, for the sake of full disclosure, it reminded me of all the cute, little things that we do miss!) The kids loved having playmates around 24/7 and I realized, that if necessary, I could really mother more children... But, only if necessary!

But, for better or worse, we all made it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cerro de las Campanas

Our little band of explorers traveled to Queretaro this past month to visit 'El Cerro de las Campanas' or The Hill of the Bells. It is named for the sounds the rocks make when you hit them - when the rocks are struck with other rocks they sound like church bells ringing! It was very interesting.

In 1867, during the French intervention in Mexico, the city of Queretaro was the last capital of Emperor Maximilian I of the Mexican Empire. The Mexican Empire was defeated and on June 19 Maximilian was executed by a firing squad on Cerro de las Campanas together with his Generals Miguel Miramón and Tomás Mejía. Inside the church at the top of the stairs are three marble cubes - these marble cubes represent the exact spots where Maximilian, Miramón and Mejía stood while they were executed by a firing squad. (I found out that they were not executed in the church... that was built later.)

The huge, garganutan statue that you see pictured (with my cute family standing next to it so that you can see just how large it is) is of Benito Juarez, one of Mexico's greatest leaders. The phrase on the statue translates (roughly) to: "Between individuals, like between nations, the respect of people's right is peace."

A legend states that if you are on this hill and hit one of the rocks three times that you will one day be wed! So, all of our children hit the rock... I did to; but I already found my 'Prince Charming'.

Monday, March 23, 2009

For Nana, Papa, Grammie & Gramps

Here are pictures of your adorable grandchildren (do I sound biased?). As you know, they are growing very quickly - and I know that since we are living here, in Mexico, you have felt distanced from them... so, here are some snapshots to love while we are away!

Here are some fun quotes recently asked -

"Mom, what is America like?" - our little man (who was only three years old when we left the U.S.A.)

"Wow, this is like the Sacred Grove - only with horses!" - our Sunshine (while riding horses in the mountains of Mexico)

"I believe that having a dog helps kids grow up better, don't you agree?" - our Little Ladybug trying to convince us she needs a puppy.

"Mom, we need another baby." - our little Strawberry trying to convince us... well, you get the picture - I bought her some more dolls.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

We've come a long way baby...

We officially fit into Mexico... ok, well we are still obviously 'gringos' - the pale, white skin and the little red heads give that away - and each day various Mexicans approach the children to touch their hair and comment on their beauty; BUT, we now feel comfortable in situations surrounded by spanish speakers and we don't think twice about most things - church, grocery shopping, ordering food at resturants, eating at places before we were scared of, talking on the street, etc.

Speaking of eating at places we were once scared of - this picture is of my cute husband's favorite Mexican resturant. Seriously. Whenever he and I meet for lunch or whenever he chooses where our family goes for a weekend meal - it is here! The food is absolutely great, the people could not be more kind and once you get over the 'open air' atmosphere (meaning an occasional fly near or on your meal - you will NOT ever get a discount due to a fly in your soup) it is a great place.

We were here a couple of weekends ago and I took a picture for memories sake... but then, I thought, this picture says a LOT. When we first arrived in Mexico we ate at Chili's, Dominoes Pizza, McDonald's, Burger King, Sam's Club & Costco - and paid an arm and a leg to do it (A meal at McDonald's here cost our family around $40 USD). Now, we'll eat just about anywhere - the food is great and of course, "When in Rome..." (or Mexico - "VIVA!")

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Mexico City Temple

This past weekend my husband and I traveled with our congregation to the Mexico City Temple. It was a wonderful, uplifting and beautiful experience.

We traveled in buses with the members from our area; leaving at 5am. When we arrived at the temple the parking lots were filled to capacity and there were long lines to attend the sessions in the temple. It was wonderful to see all the faithful Mexican members of the church literally lining up to take part in the learning and the supernal beauty that is part of the temple ordinances. My husband and I waited for approximately 2 hours to take part in a temple session. We were able to sit with and quietly visit with the members - we enjoyed immensely their testimonies, their spirits and their dedication.

Although it was a unique experience to attend a session completely shared in the Spanish language - we were each able, once again, to learn something new and to appreciate to a greater extent the absolute magnitude of having a worldwide church! What a blessing it was to take part in an international experience within the temple.

Below is a video produced by the LDS church and shares why temples are built in the church. If you reference the Holy Bible you will find that temples were (and are today) the great symbol of heaven and becoming closer to our Father in Heaven.

If you have question - please watch this video and reference your personal scriptures - look in the Holy Bible for how temples were used in the ancient days and you will find, for yourself, how the LDS church uses temples today.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Our little Iron Man...

Our little man participated in a Mini-Olimpiada - he was chosen to represent his school in the regional races - along with five other students.

He did a wonderful job! I was able to be on the course with all the students (instead of in the stands) because of my great Nikon D90 camera - the administrators of the mini-olympics thought that I was a school photographer - so, I asked the school if I could take pictures for them and I had my pass onto the field... I represented the school and took tons of pictures of all the students - but I have to admit I took a few more of one particular racer!

All the children did a wonderful job... but, of course, I am biased toward this adorable little boy!

Tula Ruins

A couple of weekends ago our band of explorers visited the site of the ruins of 'Tula' with the 15 ft. statues in stone - the Atlantes. The Toltec civilization lived here and the archeologists believe that the orders of the jaguar and eagle warriors and the practice of massive human sacrifices are likely to have begun here.

If you will look at some of the pictures of the reliefs you will notice the theme of a human being devoured by a serpent. This wall is located on the main temple grounds and depicts human sacrifice.

I find the symbolism of the serpent very interesting in this depiction for numerous reasons - first, these ancient peoples thought that they were worshipping a God through human sacrifice; second, in our Christian scripture there is an immortal that is also depicted by a serpent; third, human sacrifice is not practiced as worship to God the Father and his Son. Thus, I thought it was very appropriate that these ancient peoples who practiced human sacrifice to appease the 'God' were representing that immortal being as a serpent. The same being they are depicting in their reliefs, I believe, is the same being that is represented in our Christian literature as a serpent.

Our band of explorers had a great time visiting the museum and the pyramids and seeing the ancient statues and reliefs! We hope you enjoy learning a little about the Toltecs from our experiences! Adelante!