Monday, March 9, 2009

Our little Iron Man...

Our little man participated in a Mini-Olimpiada - he was chosen to represent his school in the regional races - along with five other students.

He did a wonderful job! I was able to be on the course with all the students (instead of in the stands) because of my great Nikon D90 camera - the administrators of the mini-olympics thought that I was a school photographer - so, I asked the school if I could take pictures for them and I had my pass onto the field... I represented the school and took tons of pictures of all the students - but I have to admit I took a few more of one particular racer!

All the children did a wonderful job... but, of course, I am biased toward this adorable little boy!

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Jason said...

Great job, little M! It looks like you did a wonderful job representing your school.