Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Burden We Are Shifting to our Children

I am not one to blame Democrats versus Republicans or vice versa. But, I do want to emphatically state that, although I am not an economist or an accountant, I believe that regarding our National Debt (as with all debt) there is a point of no return - when our best efforts to eradicate or pay down our debt will be futile.

The Debt Clock that can be viewed at: is a stunning example of how much we debt we are burdening future generations with. This illustration will cause you to cringe and pray for this time clock to stop.

Further illustrations of just how fast this administration is spending versus the spending of former administrations can be viewed here.

Recently President Obama stated that he was going to (over a 90 day period) find ways to cut our national budget. To understand his comments please see this link - the illustration is well done and easily understood.

I hope you will take a moment to 'see' what we are doing to our own future.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

It is Mother's Day.

I have been told to relax in bed. (Darn it!) So, I am reading scriptures, receiving quick kisses and hugs from our children and listening to stories my children scamper in to read to me. There are wonderful smells coming from the kitchen and a fantastic husband orchestrating a calm, relaxing day for me. I have received precious gifts throughout the lives of our children and today will not be an exception. For weeks our children have worked on gifts, songs and cards to share how much they love me. I love Mother's Day. These precious gifts, although they wouldn't be worth much on eBay or Etsy - are worth the world to me.

I never thought I would truly enjoy being a mother as much as I have come to love it. I was a young woman with a single purpose of mind that did not include children until much, much later in life (if at all). I am SO grateful to the Lord that he did not accomodate that desire / wish of mine.

Although we, as women, definitely need to carve out time to ourselves to build our own talents and shape who we would like to become - there is also an equal necessity to take time to ponder how absolutely wonderful it is to be a mother who is adored and loved! It is a precious gift; the kind of whole-hearted, all-encompassing, unfiltered love that children give to their mother! It will come through songs, hugs, kisses, hand-made cards, flowers pulled from your garden or a child coming to just being near you!

It is Mother's Day and I cannot express just how grateful I am for my four beautiful, wonderful children and my dear husband! I am grateful my wonderful husband saw something in me twelve years ago and uncovered a aspect of my spirit that I had not bothered to explore - the ability to nurture. Now, these precious children have taught me of what they see in me - the pure love of a Mother!

I hope I can always live up to the woman they want me to be!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Off to the Publishing House...

Well, the little labor of love that started out to be stories, quotes, thoughts and advice for my wonderful children has gotten out of hand!

It began to grow on it's own and now, there are about ten chapters (and there is still more knockin' around in my head)! A few dear friends have asked me for these chapters for their birthdays and others have cheered me on almost daily to try to get these pages out for more women to benefit from - so this is for all my dear friends, over the years, who have said, "Why don't you just write a book." Done!

So, to all my wonderful friends - especially one Fabulously Unfussy Friend - "Thank You" for your constant cheerleading. We'll see where it goes from here...
Wish me luck!