Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Monday was the celebration of a Mexican National holiday. Our family had a leisurely day at home, eating out on the terrazas and enjoying the warm Mexican day. Finally, we got a bit wrestless (in other words Mom had to get out of the house). Our little band of explorers decided to go Geocaching!

We followed our GPS guide by car until we had to park and go at it by foot... all the children had turns being the guide and then... we found the box!

It is so exciting for the kids to find the geocaches. It is a treasure hunt for them, every time! It is a great acivity and we all enjoy 'hunting' together! The walking time usually makes for some great time to talk and visit with the kids as well as teach them a bit about orientering!

We had a great time together and hope you enjoy our pictures!


Anonymous said...

Go explorers! Glad you found some fun treasure! Can't quite tell what Mr. M is holding or what's in the box...but we can tell it was fun!
Grammie & Gramps

txmommy said...

we like geo caching too, the kids love to find the treasures!