Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trick or Treat - For some a trick - for others a treat!

Here is a break down of Obama's economic plan that even a child can comprehend! Although I do support various points Obama has made when I saw this I had to laugh! This comic really hits the nail on the head for those concerned about the socialistic tax plans Obama has voiced and various views of the Democratic party!


October Quote: said...

I think this is SO funny. I am laughing out loud! I think I'll post it on my blog. Hilarious!

Jason said...

A friend of mine was telling me the other day how he's undecided and how his mother is a Democrat who supports Obama. He mentioned to her that he was leaning towards McCain because he would be in the higher tax brackets that would be taxed more heavily under Obama's plan, and his mother said: "You make plenty of money! Why not share it with people who aren't as fortunate as you?"

That view is the epitome of socialism and Obama's economic policy. I absolutley agree that those who are fortunate enough to make substantial amounts of money have a social responsibility to help others, but I do NOT believe it is the government's role to force them to do so or to do it for them.

There are plenty of charities and other organizations that I can choose to donate to, or I can choose to give my money to individuals I wish to help. The government exists to protect people's liberties and "pursuit" of happiness; it does not exist to mandate happiness and to force the "happpy" people to make the "unhappy" people better off.

If the doctor, lawyer, scientist, or college professor are forced to subsidize the salaries of those who choose not to pursue higher degrees and technical knowledge, we will eventually see a decrease in the number of qualified doctors, lawyers, and other skilled workers because of the decreased incentives to work hard to achieve those successes.

Capitalism promotes hard work, education, innovation, and success. A welfare state promotes lethargy, entitlement, and complacency. There's a reason why the United States and other capitalist countries have been world leaders for decades while communist and socialist countries have lagged behind.

runningmom said...

Love the cartoon!!!

And well said, Jason--it is the difference between offering and being forced.