Sunday, October 19, 2008

A hunting we will go... A hunting we will go...

This past weekend our family tried our hand at geocaching! After some initial map confusion (meaning Mom was in charge of the map, GPS system and directions) we were finally able to drive to the basic destination! We parked and walked for a bit along a nice sidewalk...then we turned off the sidewalk and ventured into grass, prickers, cactus and bushes! We had fun following the GPS' directions to locate the cache! When we finally got to a small cliff on the trail we all voted that Dad go down and retrieve the cache!

Dad climbed down the cliff, over some dirt and into - yes, into - some cactus to retrieve the cache! He was bleeding a bit and was in some pain... but, he found it! We were so excited to open it up and add our names to the list of 'finders'! When geocaching it is customary to bring things to place in the geocache and to take something out of the cache. We placed some toys from the children, some American and Mexican coins and we retrieved the stone statue that is pictured! It is a wonderful momento of our first modern treasure hunt! We had great fun - minus Dad pulling an entire cactus chunk out of his leg!

We have already mapped out some more caches to hunt! We not only enjoyed finding a little piece of treasure but the view was spectacular as well! This is a wonderful activity for families to enjoy together - every member of our family had a great time hunting for hidden treasure! Enjoy the pictures and let us know if your family enjoys geocaching as well!


kristi said...

So I've heard of people doing this but I was a little skeptical of there actually being a "treasure" to find! I'm glad to know it worked out for you. This might be kind of cool to try!

I have a good life said...

How fun! What a great family activity! :)