Sunday, November 16, 2008


Our Halloween celebration this year was MUCH better than last year because we knew what to expect and where to have fun! This year the children dressed up for their classes at school and had a wonderful time - there they celebrated both Halloween and Dia de Muertos!

After school we loaded up and drove to a private neighborhood where they annually host foreigners to trick-or-treat! We had great fun! We were trick-or-treating with children from France, India, Korea, Mexico and the United States of America! It was a great experience for the children!

Our little man dressed up as a Jedi (yes, again) but this year it was the thing to do! He not only met a Stormtrooper and Yoda - he actually pulled out his lightsaber to fight Darth Vader! It was definitely the year of 'Star Wars'!

Our girls looked beautiful and had a wonderful time! The only complaint: "All the candy has chile powder on it!" The Mexican people like chili flavor in and on everything... including their candy! The flavors of candy here are extremely different! Our dentist doesn't have too much to worry about - the kids enjoy collecting it and giving it away more than they like to eat it!

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Anonymous said...

Good day,

I so love getting your emails. I agree with you about it making it feel like you guys are not so far away. Boy the kiddos are getting so big. Thank you for including me in your email blast. I think I am all caught up now. Every time I get a blast from you I go in to your web-page and spend time reading back through everything. I am glad everything is going well and can not wait till the next update.

Hugs and Miss you and the beautiful children of yours.

Have a great holiday season,
Alison Polson

P.S. I love chili,salt and lime on my fruit. But I not a big fan of it on my candy either.