Saturday, October 25, 2008

United Nations Anniversary Celebration

The children's school had a flag celebration and parade of students for the annual celebration of the United Nations Anniversary. Each student was to wear clothing that represented their country. There were beautiful and unique costumes as well as current, modern clothing. Our children chose what they wanted to wear and we did small, floral prints and ginghams with jeans for the girls and Matthew wanted to wear his cowboy clothes to celebrate America's history!

The night before we made some small versions of the American Flag and our little ones enjoyed celebrating America's particitpation in the United Nations. We had a great time and the children have made great friends while we have been here - after this experience their friends will span the globe. We have friends from Argentina, Columbia, France, Germany, Kenya, Mexico, Korea, Japan and Spain - this experience has blessed out lives in so many ways - friendships being one of thos tremendous blessings!


GramGrampsGazette said...

How fun that our whole family could have reps of the USA there in Queretaro for this United Nations anniversary! And such cute ones too!

Jason said...

Very cool. I imagine your family is doing a lot of good by being unofficial representatives of the USA. It's sad how many countries around the world (generally those with socialist, communist, or dictatorial leadership) despise the United States. Keep up the great work!