Saturday, May 17, 2008

You Know you've been in Mexico too long when...

My husband's Top 3 Encounters that have helped him realize we have been in Mexico for a while...

1) Your daughter while playing Star Wars on the PS3 says:
"Dad, go play Juan!"
"Who, do you mean HAN Solo?"
"Oh... yeah, yeah!"

2) Another daughter after bringing the new cat, Suess, food says:
"Here Jesus!"
"Who, isn't the cat's name Suess?"
"Oh, yeah Suess."

3) After our little Strawberry was using her Spanish at dinner Jimmy turned to me and said, "I think she speaks Spanish best - because I didn't understand what she was saying!"


I have a good life said...

How funny. I can't wait to hear their Spanish in person! LD would love to have someone speak to him in his own language. I also love your lessons on English. I am grateful, too, that it is my native language, but I didn't really realize it until your post. Good for you on the teaching. Did e get K's letter?

Jacqui said...

That's hilarious! Kids really do say the darndest things. :)

GramGrampsGazette said...

Love the comments! So funny! Also love the new wallpaper and fun look!

Jason said...

Cute stories about being in Mexico. It's exciting that you guys are really getting acclimated down there are incorporating the language and culture in your home!

I love the Han/Juan Solo thing...that was my favorite! (BTW, what game are you playing? I may have to pick it up.)