Friday, May 23, 2008

National Masters Swimming Competition in Mexico!

Well, today was the big Mexican National Swimming Competition - and am I ever glad that I approached it as a fun activity to enhance my exercising schedule BECAUSE there were 2,200 swimmers competing! It was great fun. I didn't come in either first or last in my heat... somewhere in the middle - which was a success, I thought, considering there were swimmers there with official Beijing 2008 training gear... they were going to the Olympics and they were there at the National Competition! Granted, that shouldn't be surprising considering they will be representing their country in a few months... but, when you are a mother of four children just in it for the experience and exercise it definitely is an EXPERIENCE to be in a competition with Olympians! (Just for the record I was not in their category or anywhere close!) So amazing - they cut the water so quickly... it was really amazing to watch them in person!

I performed the breast stroke which is nearly my weakest competitive stroke. (My butterfly still looks like a fish with one fin cut off flailing through the water...) I did 50m in 1:05 minutes (which is REALLY SLOW for those of you who have no idea how long a minute can actually feel). I am attributing my time to the fact that I was competing with a jammed toe... but, more likely I was just slower than the other swimmers in my heat... oh well! In the spirit of fun and experience it was well worth it! "Viva"!

UPDATE: When I was commenting on the Olympic swimmers at the National Competition my trainer informed me that although there were great swimmers at the tournament there were no Olympic swimmers - when I told her about the shirts she replied that they were selling those shirts outside of the complex! So, don't believe every tee-shirt you see!


I have a good life said...

Great job, my friend. I would've turned around and escaped when seeing those olympic swimmers in the same building! I am so proud of you for competing (and with a sore toe!). So glad that you had fun! :)

txmommy said...

Good job!

Jacqui said...

Congrats! I'm sure it was an awesome experience to have participated in. Great work!!!