Thursday, May 1, 2008

Día de Niños!

Here in Mexico there is a day dedicated to celebrating children and how wonderful they are... Dia de Ninos! so, I would like to share a bit about how great my children are! (Of course this will be a bit biased!)

"Sunshine", our eldest daughter got this nickname because when she was a baby she was very happy and a wonderful child - I would often find myself singing 'You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine...' and the nickname came from her happy temperament and her willingnes to take life as it comes. She is a great help to her siblings - and she is a great little mother as well! If school didn't interfere she and I would be joined at the hip! Whenever she is at home she is talking with me, helping cook dinners, sitting with me at the computer or just hanging out while I get some work done. She is a great daughter, friend and sister! We love having her in our family!

Ladybug is next! She is our catalyst for games, physical activities and fun. She has an independent side and has a special gift for making friends and setting a wonderful example for them. She is also a complete neat freak (which Mom LOVES) and when I need something done just the right way I know that she will get it done! She does very well in school and just found out that she is getting glasses next week! So exciting... she picked out some 'fashionable' frames and is looking forward to a new 'look'! She is a wonderful addition to our family!

Our little 'Strawberry' loves to emulate her mom and sisters! She is a ball of energy and loves to put on make-up, dress up, sing and dance! She is often found dancing around with her sisters. This year is her first year in school and she has done exceptionally well - learning in English and Spanish! Which is great because she just was prescribed glasses as well and we have found that she couldn't see much of what was happening on the board at school! She adapts so well and is intent on helping others and making sure that everyone feels good. She shares so much with our family!

Our little man is next and he can hold his own for a young boy with three sisters! He is at the stage where he can be the cutest, moost helpful young man one minute and the next minute he is flooding the bathroom while his 'Star Wars Galactic Heroes' are taking a bath - or swimming - or drowning in galactic goo or some such thing! He has a great imagination and a ton of energy - he stopped taking naps at about two years old! He gives the best hugs in the world and loves to 'snuggle'! He adds so much love to our family and we are grateful to have him here with us!


Susan said...

So cute

GramGrampsGazette said...

Dia de Ninos is a great idea -- we have Mother's Day, Father's Day,'s good to have a day for the kids! Es muy bien!Your comments on the kids were great to read and we love the picture -- they are the future and if kids were like these four cuties, it would be a happy, interesting and good future! Hugs to those cuties and their parents!

The Rees Fam said...

I can't believe how big all the kids are! They all look so great. It's nice to hear how they each are doing and how well they all fit into your family. We love you all!!!