Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Happy Mother's Day!"

The Creation of a Mother
Andrea L. Ballard

A mother is a miracle; A special gift from heaven –
When our Father chose to send us here it is to her whom we are given.

Her covenants promise she will try to do as He would ask.
Little does a mother know of the magnitude of her task.

The first time she holds her baby close, she feels the mantle fall.
Eternity has it’s beginning - and she is ready for the call.

She cradles in her arms this special gift and shares her hopes in prayer.
She comes to realize more of family and the joys in which they’ll share.

Then comes the tests -
The sleepless nights, diapers, drool and more…
The bottles, toys and little clothes all strewn across the floor.

She Listens, Loves, Cares, Nurtures and gives discipline.
Her example is the schoolroom into which this child was given.

She loves, serves and gives her all as the years pass on.
Her family comprises her closest friends for this life and beyond.

After the trials and tests of life she reflects and understands…
That as she grew and overcame by faith,
she’s become a miracle at the Master’s hand.


GramGrampsGazette said...

What a great poem to share on Mother's Day! A reminder of who trusts us with His spirits to raise and love with His help! Here on earth our training begins for eternal parenthood! What an honor it is! Thanks for sharing your poem!

Jacqui said...

Thanks for sharing Ang ... that was beautiful!

Robin said...

Thats beautiful. thanks...what a blessing children are.