Monday, September 20, 2010

Politics... (unfortunately) As Usual

On September 21, 2010 the Defense Authorization Bill will be voted on. Subversively hidden in between the lines is the 'DREAM Act'. The DREAM Act sponsors have long fought to sabotage a clearly worded provision in the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act that states:

"Notwithstanding any other provision of law, an alien who is not lawfully present in the United States shall not be eligible on the basis of residence within a State (or a political subdivision) for any postsecondary education benefit unless a citizen or national of the United States is eligible for such a benefit (in no less an amount, duration, and scope) without regard to whether the citizen or national is such a resident."

From what I understand, this means that children of illegal immigrants that have become high school graduates are not allowed specialized treatment OVER children whose parents are national citizens of the United States of America. This law does NOT state that a student cannot apply and work their way through a college career. While living in Mexico we saw many youth who were applying to colleges in the United States of America. Some were accepted and others were not - all of these youth were from Mexico with parents residing in Mexico or with proper working papers in order for employment in the U.S.A. Their acceptance or denial thereof was based on MERIT! What more could honestly be asked?

We need to make sure that all nationalities, religions, races and genders realize that they must earn their privileges to attend post-secondary education. We MUST eradicate the mentality that all children are entitled to funding, etc. that would make education possible. We must return to the mentality that we must work for the betterment of ourselves, our cities, our states and our collective nation. This sense of entitlement that is the basis for the DREAM Act is at the root of many of the ills that plague our nation.

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Laura said...

Yeah! It didn't go through! I've actually been REALLY curious of your opinion regarding this, particularly with your stays in Mexico. Thanks for sharing.