Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Morning

Fresh bread... the sounds of baking in the kitchen, the smell of fresh bread cooking, the taste of melted butter on warm, wheat bread all equals a feeling of warmth, love and home. The wonderful smell of fresh bread and the sounds of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir filled our Sunday morning.

This morning our little 'Fresita' and I mixed, kneaded and rolled our way to these five butter-topped loaves of bread. Before we left for church one entire loaf was gone - and it was GOOD!

We enjoyed gifting the other loaves to women in our church congregation. We included the scripture from Luke, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God." (Luke 4:4) My Visiting Teaching companion and I hadn't had a chance to enjoy our visits in January so we gave this bread and scripture with the promise that this month we would give the bread and next month we would bring the "word" in our message. They each loved the bread and we look forward to visiting them in February!


txmommy said...

that looks yumm!!

Natalie said...

I wish you were my VT. :)

Lena said...

What great looking bread! I love that idea for a VT handout. You'll have to share your recipe with us.

Love you tons!

Shuldberg's in Texas said...

Such a great idea!

I agree that homemade bread=love at home. Such a great mom!!

Frederick Family said...

I can't believe the Domestic Diva you have become!! You aren't the same girl I met on our Europe trip. Your talents keep flourishing and you inspire me. Steph

GramGrampsGazette said...

Chuckling at Steph's comment -- as they say 'you've come a long way baby!' The bread looks so yummy -- can I borrow the idea too? Very creative and fun way to share your baking and a spiritual uplift!