Monday, January 11, 2010

A little FYI from our youngest!

This was a recent conversation I had with our son - take note that this conversation lasted well over an hour with all the dramatics possible out of a 6 year old! I will shorten the experience to spare you...

Our little man: "Mom, why couldn't you name me Luke?"
Mom (not quite paying attention yet): "Mommy and Daddy picked your name because it was the name of some great men and it worked with your middle name which is after Daddy's best friend."
Little man (while stomping his foot): "I don't like it - I want to change my name to Luke!"
Mom: "We thought about Luke but it didn't seem to fit at the time."
Little man (complete incredulity): "YOU THOUGHT ABOUT LUKE BUT DIDN'T NAME ME LUKE?"
Mom: "Yes."
Little man: "How can we change it. I can't go on another day... I want to be Luke!"
Mom: "What if I call you my little Jedi? I can call you that on the blog."
Little man: "You mean like a nickname?"
Mom: "Exactly!"
Little man (thinking): "What about...."
Mom: "Yes..."
Little man: "What about you call me Captain Luke the Jedi?"
Mom: "That is a mouthful."
Little man: "You can call me Captain Luke for short."
Mom: "Oh, that is LOTS better."

Thus, to all those who may be interested in our little family galaxy that we record on this blog... our "Little Man" will from now on be called "Captain Luke" or "Lil' Jedi" per his solemn request!


marcia@joyismygoal said...

Problem solved :)

I have a good life said...

Thanks for sharing. That is way cute! :)