Sunday, February 7, 2010

Home Teaching - A 6 year old's Perspective

This week my cute husband took our Lil' Jedi out with him to do Home Teaching. (This is a program within our church wherein each family has two members of the congregation assigned to visit them monthly to share a gospel message and assess their needs.) Well, today the young man my husband Home Teaches with was not available - so our Lil' Jedi felt privileged to go with his Dad to visit these families.

Upon returning home I was fixing our Lil' Jedi his dinner and we were talking:

Me: "How was Home Teaching with your Dad?"
Lil' Jedi: "Good." (while munching on corn on the cob)
Me: "Did you enjoy the visits?"
Lil' Jedi: "MmmmHmmm." (nodding)
Me: "Well, how was everyone."
Lil' Jedi: "Ok - They're not dead yet Mom."

So, I suppose that in the view of a 6 year old - if you are breathing you are A-OK!

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GramGrampsGazette said...

That's so funny--must be a boy thing--his cousin said I was really old this birthday but not 'that' old cause you die when you're really really old! Fun that the two guys could go together!