Monday, February 2, 2009

Mariposas y Caballos (Butterflies and Horses)

This weekend our little band of explorers traveled to the state of Michoacahn, Mexico to visit another Monarch Butterfly reserve. We had a wonderful time! As we began our trek we passed a corral of horses... of course that opportunity cannot be passed up! So, we purchased two horses (although my muscles tell me today that we should have purchased four) and our children had a wonderful time riding up and down the mountain! My husband and I walked along the horse trail - which I would venture to guess is a LOT more rocky and dusty than the walking trail! My knees, hips, ankles and toenails hurt! Yes, I did say 'toenails' while coming down the mountain (and trying to keep up with the children on the horses) my toes continually hit the front of my tennis shoes... so, therefore my toes are even hurting!

Our little man loved horseback riding - as well as all of our girls! All the way up the mountain my husband and I fielded questions regarding buying a ranch in Texas! (Which we would all love... but it will be farther in the future, if possible at all.) Little man barebacked it and he felt like a 'real cowboy'! All the children were full of life and enjoying the ride. At one point one of the horses with two of our girls on it reared and my heart almost stopped. The girls held on tight and stayed in the saddle! I began to wonder just how tame these horses are... or did the 'owners' just find these horses wandering in the mountains? Nevertheless we had a great time!

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Jason said...

Wow...what a cool experience! This place looks beautiful, and it looks like you all had so much fun.