Sunday, November 16, 2008

Open House - Mexico City Mexico Temple

The Open House of the Mexico City Temple was a wonderful event. Thousands of people went through the Temple grounds in Mexico City - including our family!

The temple lot in Mexico City also consists of the "CCM" or "Centro de Capacitacion del Misioneros"(we call it the MTC or "Missionary Training Center"), a cafeteria, a Church Distribution Center and a large, beautiful Visitor's Center. The grounds are beautiful and are a stark contrast to the neighborhoods and businesses immediately surrounding the temple.

Our little group traveled down to Mexico and ended up spending five hours touring the temple, the grounds and the visitor's center! The children enjoyed the time tremendously and loved learning from and speaking with all the missionaries! We ate lunch at the CCM cafeteria - within view of the statue of the angel Moroni!

The tranquility of the temple was refreshing and the children were able to go through another temple open house - to once again see and learn of the tremendous blessings they can receive in the temples of the Lord.

We met a senior missionary couple who are the parents of some friends of my parents... did you follow that? The couple was so warm and welcoming - our children enjoyed talking with them and they were gracious enough to pose in a picture for our little family!

We had a wonderful time and although we were not allowed to take many pictures we hope you enjoy these few of the newly renovated Mexico City Temple!

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GramGrampsGazette said...

What a small world it is --glad you got to meet the Foley's! The visitor center looks lovely -- and it's fun to see you all there!