Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The One Mile Mark!

For the last five months I have been swimming three to five mornings a week. At the facility there is a swimming coach / trainer that works with each individual at the pool. Just before Christmas I was asked by the coach to participate on the Masters Swim Team! (Did I mention that on the team is a 63 year old grandmother who can lap me and a swimmer that regularly represents Mexico in international competitions - I swear that woman does not need air?)

So, I wondered at the proposal before me...I have to say that I thought they were joking... really, one day while trying the 'Butterfly' I do believe I more closely resembled an injured whale with one fin missing. Yet, the trainer has persisted and has continually asked me to swim on the team. (I think they just need one more warm body for the relay races!) But, that said, she has presented me with a schedule each day that I am expected to complete before I leave the pool to run to my Spanish classes! Today that list was just over 1600 meters - and I realized that I had met her 1 mile mark! She had told me the second week of January that I would be swimming about a mile before the first competition; I kindly nodded and just replied that I would do my best... (at least I think that is what I said).

Our first meet is in ten days! So, I hope I look a bit less like an injured whale - and more like a competitive swimmer. Although today when the trainer kindly told me I was making good improvement one of my fellow swimmers guffawed! So, I can either take offense at that - or remember that it is he, my fellow swimmer, that has to wear that forsaken looking speedo!


Anonymous said...

Sister Ballard,
Hey, this is Tiffany Robinson. I was wondering if you could email me ... with your home address. I wanted to mail you a note. Thanks!

txmommy said...

you go girl :)

Water park looks like fun and the butterflies were lovely!

GramGrampsGazette said...

The whole family is turning into fish! We'll call you all 'La familia de los pescados'! Keep up the good work and let us know how the meet goes! Hmmmm--do we say 'break a fin'? Maybe just good luck!