Monday, February 11, 2008

Balneario Xote

We drove out into the middle of nowhere... through canyons between mountains and past lots of cactus and sage brush. We had begun to question whether or not we had taken the right road when... we saw a water slide peeking up over the road! The kids let out a collective cheer but, what a great place we found! When we entered we found that there were areas for kids and slides for adults as well!

Yes, it was February... and yes, the kids were in a pool that was being fed by local hot springs here in Mexico! We easily spent four hours at the park and will have to return again for more fun! I was unable to ride some of the slide because of the diamond on my wedding ring. (The employee kindly offered to hold my ring for me. But I was not about to hand that over to a total stranger...) so, I opted not to ride. Next time... there are also more natural hot springs nearby that have natural mineral water (and you get to swim in a cave with an underground waterfall)! So, that is on our list of things to do as well!


Tori said...


I periodically peek into your life in Mexico. I am enjoying the vicarious travel. What wonderful memories you are creating for your family.

Love to all and take care!


GramGrampsGazette said...

Love those thermal spots! Nice and cozy! Sounds like a fun place to spend the day! Glad you all had fun!