Saturday, February 16, 2008

Felicidades - The Pedicure Party!

My ninth birthday was "FABULOUS" in more ways than one... my friends and I went to a salon and we all got our toenails painted! We also got designs on our toes! While we were there we got to watch "High School Musical: The Concert" and "High School Musical 2"! All my friends and I sang and danced in the salon on the stairs... (Note from mom: They danced and sang so loud that they could be heard two stores away from the salon! So cute! My sweet husband knew right where we were when he came to help drive all the girls back to our house! He could hear all the fun.) When we got home we had pizza, cake and ice cream while we opened presents! My friends gave me books in Spanish, a door hanger that I get to decorate, a "High School Musical" tee, a lovely doll, and a beautiful stationary set! After presents we danced, sang and played games! We had a great night!


Anonymous said...

The pictures are great!!! Emma is getting so big. You all look like you are really having a wonderful time. I would love to see the water park. Give all the kids a hug and kiss from me. When do you all plan on coming back to Texas?
Take care and be safe.

GramGrampsGazette said...

What a fun party! The birthday girl looks great! Glad you had a fun 9th birthday! We love you and miss you! Hugs and kisses and Happy Birthday--all year long!