Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Una Semana en Mexico!

We have been here for one week. Our luggage has finally caught up with us and yesterday I got lost in the city for the first time driving! It was quite the unnerving experience - not knowing where I was, not knowing how to ask and knowing that I will not fully understand whatever I am told to remedy the situation and have four children along for the adventure as well! But, obviously as I am writing this entry... we are fine! I am just grateful prayer is international - I was impressed to call the one person we know in the city and have her speak to someone in a parking lot to explain where I was and then she gave me the necessary directions to get to where I was going! I was driving "Crazy Mexican Style" (a term adopted from our cultural specialist) and the children love to say it while we are on the road.

Driver's Ed here is a completely different experience. Some of the rules are: 1) When a vehicle has their hazards on anything is possible - Watch out! (i.e. - cutting across four lanes of traffic to exit, stopping mid lane to let someone off, or driving backwards on the highway - Yes, I have seen it!) 2) Pedestrians do not wait for traffic to slow - try not to hit them. (It is a bit like the game Frogger!) 3) At stop lights expect to be sold anything from windshield wipers, fresh fruit, and popsicles to upholstery needles! Oh and watch out for the silver man juggling fire! 4) Focus, focus, focus! while trying to decipher all the signs in Spanish!

Yesterday we went on a lovely horse and carriage ride around the grounds of the hotel. It was quite a bumpy experience as the roads are paved with cobblestones! Our caballero was named "Pablo" and the horse was named "Palomo". The children each had an enjoyable time holding the reigns!

We have been exploring and have found lot of fun areas that are just beautiful! Our family is enjoying our adventures in Mexico!