Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hola de Mexico!

Hola to all of you from the country of Mexico! We have safely arrived... at least our persons arrived - the luggage didn't fare as well. We still are waiting on five bags to make it to the country! But, each of us are here safely, and for that we are grateful.

Our children have commented often on the beauty of Mexico and currently they are greeting everyone they see from our hotel windows with "Hola" and I am hearing "Hola" returned from many people! I wonder if Mexico is ready...

The cartoons were in Spanish this morning and our little ones were amazed that "Arthur" and "Franklin" spoke Spanish! The Spanish language is surrounding us and the children have heard little else thus far - so this morning our M said, "Mommy, can I still call you just Mommy?" So sweet! Our E has commented over and over how beautiful the trees and land around us are - and our L announced that this is better than Texas! (Sorry Nana and Papa...) All in all they are adapting quickly and enjoying it.

Our day involved a lovely breakfast in an authentic Mexican resturant; there were foods that were utterly delicious and others that will take some getting used to. We have changed our little five passenger Jeep (yes, for a six person family - When in Rome...) for a fifteen (yes, 15) passenger van! The extremes were available - not too many options in between. So, here we are... the little American family in the middle of Mexico trying to learn about these wonderful people and not be too noticeable... Here are some of the great quotes of the day:

"Daddy, someone is going to yell TAXI soon!" - L (in reference to our oversized vehicle - the children each got their own bench!)

"They are surrounding me and talking Spanish." - L (at McDonalds with a group of girls following our children around the play place.)

"ADIOS!" - The same group of girls that all ran to the entrance of McDonalds to say goodbye to our family as we walked out!

"Que tu vive?" (Where do you live?) - a little 4 year old trying to figure out what I was saying.

"No!" - the answer we got all day when we asked, "Tu hable ingles?"

"Mom, you'll just have to get used to orange." - E trying to calm me down after seeing our new home.

"Dad, I went SO high out of my seat." - M telling his Dad how he caught air in the back of the van going over the speed bumps.