Sunday, August 26, 2007

Horses, Soccer and Discovering History

This past week our family went on a horse carriage ride! Our caballero's name was 'Pablo' and our horse was 'Palomo'! The children had a great time and each had a turn using the reigns! We rode through some of the Mexican countryside and enjoyed the scenery.

We also decided to try the national pastime - soccer - as a family! We had great fun! The girl's team beat the boy's team! Yeah!

One adventurous day we all decided to follow an Acqueduct here in Mexico. We started the morning at the site of the original spring and followed it to a convent in the city. The water ran into the city using only gravity and was distributed into cisterns in the convent and there distributed throughout each room of the convent. All the designs used only gravity to direct the water!

We are having fun discovering this unique and historical country!