Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Zihuatanejo & Isla Ixtapa

Our family enjoyed a long weekend in the Mexican fishing town of Zihuatanejo. During our time there we visited Isla Ixtapa and many of the beaches! On Isla Ixtapa, the best beach was Cocohuatalate (I am so not sure I spelled that right.) but it was perfect for our children to play and calm enough that they felt comfortable going into the water without parents!

While on Isla Ixtapa I explored the island and found the "Wild Beach" which everyone on the island had a different name for - thus I am calling it the wild beach... because I had to hike over portions of the island, step lightly under a wasp nest the size of my entire body (I am NOT exaggerating here.) and enter the beach from underneath a small tunnel created by brush. But, once there, it was breathtaking - just myself on a beach with white sand and coral, waves crashing against the rocks and fauna growing to the edge of the sea. It was gorgeous! (I was tempted to bring my children and husband... but due to the ear-piercing screams I know would be heard the moment they saw the wasps nest - did I mention that it was the size of my body? - I deferred.)

We had a wonderful, restful time as a family! The days of resting and relaxing were needed and appreciated!


Frederick Family said...

Sooooo fun. I love Ixtapa, went there years ago and enjoyed deep sea fishing in Zihuatenejo. What a fun family trip.

Ryan and Mandy said...

Looks like a nice little get a way!! cute pics!

Anne said...

how awesome! yikes about the wasps though!!!

Anne said...

how awesome! yikes about the wasps though!!!

Loralee said...

Oh my goodness! These photos are GORGEOUS!!!! The kids are SO cute. I could just eat them up.
Loved the photos. Loved the update. But I miss you. Have fun and then come home!