Monday, July 19, 2010

Pueblos Magicos in Mexico

Over this past week I took advantage of our children being at Summer Camp and I traveled a bit around Mexico! Friends and I traveled to Pachuca, Real de Montes, San Miguel de Allende, Dolores Hidalgo and Tequisquiapan! We visited friends who had moved as well as historical little towns.

While in Real de Montes we ate pastes - these are delicious, historical pastries filled with meat and potatoes or fruit fillings that were used in the mountainous mining towns in Mexico! SO delicious - one would almost become a miner!

In Dolores Hidalgo my adventurous spirit got the best of me and I tried Camarone (Shrimp) Ice Cream from a street vendor with chile on it! It was absolutely the taste of shrimp! The texture of ice cream and the flavor of chile shrimp do NOT go well together! My stomach paid for that little adventure for about 24 hours! But, it was definitely a memory!

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GramGrampsGazette said...

Sooo fun! I love the colors and buildings around the plazas! So picturesque! Shrimp Ice Cream? Interesting! Reminds me of when you kids would ask what's for dessert and dad would say Spinach Ice Cream!