Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Burden We Are Shifting to our Children

I am not one to blame Democrats versus Republicans or vice versa. But, I do want to emphatically state that, although I am not an economist or an accountant, I believe that regarding our National Debt (as with all debt) there is a point of no return - when our best efforts to eradicate or pay down our debt will be futile.

The Debt Clock that can be viewed at: is a stunning example of how much we debt we are burdening future generations with. This illustration will cause you to cringe and pray for this time clock to stop.

Further illustrations of just how fast this administration is spending versus the spending of former administrations can be viewed here.

Recently President Obama stated that he was going to (over a 90 day period) find ways to cut our national budget. To understand his comments please see this link - the illustration is well done and easily understood.

I hope you will take a moment to 'see' what we are doing to our own future.


Deaconrider said...

Very well said (and great videos!).

AngeeBee said...

I had a great source for the videos! Thanks for sending them... I have sent them out to our Women Who Know group and others.