Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My admiration...

As I sit here exhausted, tired and simply grateful that our little family has lived another day without my cute husband around - I am finding myself in absolute awe of single mothers! I barely made it through today and I know that I only have to do this for a week or two at a time rather than an indefinite period.

To all of my single friends who are raising children - I cannot tell you how much strength you inherently have. Many of you look toward life with a brave face and solid spirit. You surely have the help of heaven as you raise your little ones and I might even suggest that you may have more help than parents in traditional, two-parent homes - for our Father in Heaven knows how much you truly do need that help!

To my single friends - I think of you so often, cry for you at times and pray for you always. What tremendous strengths you have and what a precious protection you must have from heaven. You inspire me to be stronger, do more and offer my children that well-rounded love that you give daily - the type of love that has the sweetness of a mother and the strength of a father.

You are amazing and, especially tonight, - you have my admiration.

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