Friday, November 13, 2009

Lil' Gypsy

We have been married eleven years and in those years we have moved 12 times! Yes, you read that right... can it even be possible, yes! Those moves have included apartments, homes, haciendas and hotels! They have taken place in only two states and two countries!

Through all of this I have decided that I am addicted to houses and change! I love finding houses and making them great. It is just fun - it makes me smile and it has allowed me to work on major projects while being a stay at home mother! I just like the fact that I have been able to stay sane (thus far) while raising these four little cuties! Change - is so fun - I love meeting new people and making new friends!

So, this past 6 months my dear husband has begun introducing me to his friends and co-workers as his 'lil' gypsy. Before his new nickname for me I didn't really think much about how much we move... I love change. I love adventure. But, I wasn't sure about the nickname. But, I have decided that I don't really mind too much - if a gypsy loves adventure, meeting new friends and faces, moving around and trying as much as life has to offer as possible - then, I am a "gypsy"!

What this lil' gypsy does struggle with is being left behind while her cute husband travels from Montreal to Mexico - to San Diego and Walla Walla, Washington (ok, he didn't go to Walla Walla - but you can't talk about Washington without mentioning that funny little town). It is hard being the one left behind to single handedly manage or rather love four little children and a new puppy all while remodeling a home! I think I will add resilient to my lil' gypsy attributes list.

These last 5 months while we have been back in Texas I have had a husband for about half the time! I am living the single mother lifestyle - all while attempting to unpack from yet another move! I believe I have the pack / unpack part of life down to a science! I have personally worn brand new boxes out - I think the average life span of a box is between 6 and 8 moves.

We or rather, I, have begun looking at houses again... this one has been great for the past 9 months... but, once the renovations are done I am ready to move on either that or maybe, just maybe, I could stay here long enough to decorate!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome. I love to move too and find new houses and meet new friends. That's how I know you!

Jenn Washburn

I have a good life said...

Hey...A little closer for E and K would be great!!! How about for me, too? JK I know you need your schools and your DH needs to be able to get to work easier. -sigh- It doesn't hurt to wish, though, does it?

BTW: LOVED, loved, loved talking with you. You are so awesome.

GramGrampsGazette said...

Gypsy life always sounded good to me growing up --full of adventure & intriguing places & people...but the old gypsy wagons were easier to move around in ---not all that packing and unpacking --- maybe you and J need a gypsy house on wheels?

GramGrampsGazette said...

cute wallpaper!

A Mother Heart said...

That's so funny to me. I hate moving. I moved so much growing up that I never want to do it again. I LOATHE it. I hated always being the new kid and having to start over.
Glad to know some people thrive on it.

Emily said...

OK, crazy lady! I'm a gypsy with you! We've also had 10 moves in 12 years and will add two more major moves in the next seven months! I'm TIRED of moving! I like change, but seriously, I'm ready to settle down! My oldest is only three and she has been to five countries and 23 states, and when people ask her where she lives she says, "I live in Utah, FOR NOW." She knows the next move is just a matter of time! :)

Sorry about the single mother thing. I totally understand. David has been in NC for the last month and we can't wait to see him again! Hopefully our time apart won't be too much more in the future, but who knows.

Anonymous said...

So where did you live in Washington? we were in Olympia and Pullman (go Cougs) and have much respect of the tween b/c Shawn's been to Forks.

Also, friends of ours just joined the Foreign Service. So, They will move in a few weeks to DC and then a few months later... somewhere in the world and will continue to move every 2-3 years. They're starting this adventure w/ 6 kids ages 11 to 6 months, I think I'll start calling them gypsies too :)