Saturday, April 11, 2009

Show & Tell - Seuss, the Cat!

Our little 'Fresita' (Strawberry) took Seuss, our Mexican Persian Cat, to Show & Tell at school! All of the children loved Suess and although he was a bit nervous he did great!

We could not have purchased a better cat! Our children treat him like a baby - dancing with him, slinging him over their shoulders, dressing him up, wrapping him in blankets,etc. - not once has he hurt our children! Quite amazing for a street cat who showed up at our door one day - our little Cat in the Hat!


Jason said...

Wow...what a cute cat...does he have a hat? It looks like 'A' was the hit of her class with Seuss the cat. Of course, he might not be as big of a hit if he comes to visit me and my allergies! ;o)

GramGrampsGazette said...

Seuss, the moose --uh, cat--is very cute! Is his friend, Gertrude, still around? That's one cat that will miss you all! unless he's going to become a texcat!?