Friday, July 25, 2008

The Mexican Riviera

Our family took a few days out of life to go and visit Ixtapa (a resort city on the Mexican Riviera) and Zihuatanejo (a nearby fishing village)! We had a wonderful time walking along the beaches, body surfing in the waves and enjoying evening swims in the resort pool overlooking the sunset over the ocean. It was a beautiful and relaxing trip!

On the trip my cute husband bought me my first 'Loco Coco' (Crazy Coconut) - it was a coconut that had been prepared and a straw stuck into it! The natural coconut juice was good... at first... but there was SO MUCH JUICE - I ended up sharing it with my whole family and after the juice was done (well, after we dumped out a BUNCH of juice) we brought it back to the resturant and they opened the coconut and gave us the 'flesh' - and it was soft - very different than the type of coconut we have in the United States.

Our girls got their first beach braids... that they termed their 'Mermaid Braids'. They wore them for about a month afterward! (They were a bit attached.)

We had a great time in Ixtapa and we will be returning soon with my parents - we'll have more pictures at that time because one of my sweet, darling children happened to 'play' with my digital camera and I found most of our Ixtapa pictures gone and in their place pictures of a computer screen! Lucky for them that we are planning on going back! You would think that they would each use their own cameras and leave mine alone... but no... not when Mom's camera is beckoning to them!


Jacqui said...

Wow ... It looks beautiful and sounds relaxing! Definitely post some more pictures after you go back with Mom and Dad! We'd love to see them. It's nice you guys got to relax some and play. Wish we were there!

Jason said...

Beautiful scenery...looks like tons of fun!