Friday, July 25, 2008

Kindergarten Camp

Our littlest lady finished her Kindergarten year and the school decided to send the class out in style! The Kindergarten classes had an overnight camp at the school themed after the Egyptians! They made their banner, played paint wars, made hieroglyphics and each received a lovely necklace. Our little gal had a wonderful time with all her friends and made some wonderful memories! We are so proud of her accomplishments - her teacher has informed us that she is completely bilingual! Her only struggle has been learning to read in both languages - often we will hear her pronouncing English words but we won't recognize them because she is using the Spanish pronunciations! So cute... our little blonde Mexicana!


Jacqui said...

So fun! What a great way to end the year. We love and miss you!!!

R&M said...

She is so cute!! We're excited to hear your kids speaking Spanish to us at Christmas! Their all so cute!

Jason said...

Great work, little lady! I love your backpack, and it looks like this was a fun camp for you!