Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tip of the Day!

We have now been in Mexico for approximately eight months and last week was the first week I actually had to go and find a pair of nylons to purchase. Find is the operative word here - stores here had 'tights', 'knee-highs' and or 'nylons' but the variety left much to be desired! I finally found a pair of nylons in my size and the color I wanted, 'Nude'. Nude is always a safe color for me and I personally don't care for my legs to appear suddenly three shades darker than the rest of my body because that screams 'nylons'! So, I excitedly bought my new found nylons and placed them carefully into my closet drawer!

Sunday arrives and I pull the cherished purchase out of my drawer, open the packaging, begin to put on the nylons and notice that they are quite a bit darker than I would have thought. I run over to the bed... or hobble/hop over to the bed (remember one leg is in the nylons) and read the label again. Yes, it says 'Nude'... What is the problem?... Oh, WAIT, I am in MEXICO! Nude here would be the Mexican version of 'nude'... that is equivalent to my version of 'Bronze' or flat out 'Brown'! So, as of this last week I have had to submit to having my upper body appear to be my own skin color and my legs looking 'Bronze' or 'Brown'. (Not my favorite fashion idea...)

So, when any of you decide to come and visit us here in this beautiful country to escape and explore Mexico... please email me and I'll tell you my nylon size... so you can bring me some nylons!


GramGrampsGazette said...

Too funny! We'll pack a few when we come --til then, tan legs will have to do!

Robert & Jacqui said...

HA! That's hilarious. You could buy antoher pair and cut up to wear on your arms! Then you'd be "mostly" brown. :)

kristi said...

Very funny, Andrea!! Don't ya hate it when stuff like that happens and you don't realize until Sunday morning?? ha ha

txmommy said...

that is a funny story! It's interesting how culturally biased we are and might not even realize. We have a wii and all our little mii's are white, which I didn't even notice. Then we went to play at some friends home with them ( who happen to be black ) and all their mii's were black. When I saw them it just struck me as so funny, something I hadn't even given a thought too. What nude means I guess is different but I would have never thought of it :) maybe next time you need to look for a lovely shade of gringa :)