Friday, November 9, 2007

A.E. Petsche Co. & Bombardier - "La Fiesta"

Great company, Delicious Mexican Food and a lively Mariachi band for the entertainment all came together for a evening that will not soon be forgotten! The dining was prepared and tables set, and the evening began... We hope you enjoy some pictures of our festivities! Many of our guests are pictured - Claude Martel (Bombardier) and his vibrant wife, Suzanne enjoyed a relaxing evening in the company of friends. Singing with the Mariachis are Nancy Lopez (American Industries), Juan Carlos (Bombardier) and his 'novia' Tania; Real Gervais (Bombardier) and his engaging wife, Suzanne are pictured "playing with the band"; Jimmy and I had a chance to pose with the band! Other guests included Kent Horst, Eric Tremblay, and Steve Dwyer (each from A.E. Petsche). We had a wonderful time and hope to have another 'fiesta' quite soon! Until then, "Viva Mexico"!


La belle Aurore said...

Ah, I just love Mariachi, they are the true culture of this wonderful country.

Andrea and Jimmy, Bravo, what a great time we had, Claude and myself.

Away from home, we are all related and an evening like this one, got us even closer! Thank you!

Suzanne & Claude

txmommy said...

looks like so much fun! You guys look happy south of the border!

I met a lady yesterday who knew you. Carolyn, and I am sorry I forgot her last name, but her son is in E's class and her daughter is in 2nd grade this year. Anyway we were on a field trip and the church came up and when she found out we were Mormons she was flabergasted. She said she never knew any until she met you and you were SOOOO nice. And since she's run into "us" all over the place and wasn't that crazy. I told her no, it's a sign ;) I think we'll be come better friends becasue she is very interested in having E and Blaine play together. It's a small world :)

GramGrampsGazette said...

Wow! it looks like you all had a great time! Do you go all out like that when la familia comes to visit? Can mom sing with the band?
We knew it would be a fun party with such a fine host and hostess! Viva Mexico!

Jules said...

Did you and Jimmy get up and sing with the Mariachi band? It looks like a lot of fun, and we're sure you guys were the perfect hosts for the party!