Monday, November 19, 2007

Centro de Zoologico (The Zoo)

Our little Band of Explorers went to the local Zoo! It was a unique experience... the animals were more animated than at any other zoo we have ever attended. (We are not sure if this was due to the fact that they had not been fed for a while and we looked especially delicious or simply that they are more active than other animals we have seen at zoos.) Two chimps were swinging around and playing tag while another one was spitting at the audience and a guinea hen walking past! Then we encountered the camels - and we fed them by hand... grass. You must realize that we couldn't quite read the signs that were around the area as they were all in Spanish... so we were hoping that we weren't breaking any rules by feeding them - we do know that no one else was feeding the animals! Oh well, in this case ignorance was bliss! We had a blast and the camels loved us too!

Then we got to the cages with Tigers, Lions, Panthers, Wolves and Bears... Yes, these animals are all quite dangerous and carnivores as well - but do you think that would be cause enough to put up fences or some kind of barrier to separate the public from actually touching one of these creatures? Not here... we could easily have touched Lions, Tigers and Bears... OH MY! Needless to say Mom and Dad gave the kids quite a lecture about losing arms or legs during the outing - we suggested that they not lose their limbs! Oh, and we understood the sign near these animals, "PELIGROSO!" (For those of you who don't have a clue about Spanish that means "DANGEROUS!") As if the large gaping teeth and claws were not sufficient to warn the public of impending danger!

We loved the monkey cages. There were young, baby monkeys racing around after their mothers to be fed - and the mothers running away... imagine that! The male monkeys were just sitting around barking commands at the little monkeys.

Then we saw the littlest stars of the movie, "Madagascar" - the ring-tailed Lemur! Of course our little group sang "We like to move it, move it!" But alas, the lemurs did not jump up and dance... so sad!

We enjoyed the zebras, camels and the peacocks walking around freely! It was a dusty and smelly day (please note the lack of lush grasses in the picture)... but we had a fun time together!


txmommy said...

wow! that's really different than our zoos here! how fun :)

GramGrampsGazette said...

Looks like an adventurous place! Glad everyone got home in one piece! The hippo looks pretty friendly! And actually so does the white tiger -- but things aren't always as they seem! Nice pictures! The zoo goers look like they had fun!