Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Take your stand as ONE VOICE in AMERICA!

Rush Limbaugh, Barack Obama, Carly Fiorina, Nancy Pelosi, Sarah Palin, Harry Reid - all these people have something in common with YOU! Yes, ALL of them. They have ONE vote. They stand for ONE voice in the collective 'VOICE OF THE PEOPLE'! Yes, their voices are loud and we all know far too much about what they say but they were once a voice that blended with the crowd. Their voices once were hardly heard above the collective voice of America. Years ago they were where you are now - part of the silent majority that could make a difference.

There are so many voices in America that at times we may feel that our one voice, our one vote could never make a difference. If our government is to be ruled by the people then we must at least cast our vote and do our part to be heard. We must do all we can. Integrity requires nothing more nor less.

Today, in Arizona, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned a requirement that people show valid proof of citizenship to vote. The court felt that the requirement was an "obstacle" to getting citizens out to vote - yet, interestingly, the same court ruled that some form of photo ID was not too stringent a ruling. Could the court have felt that the actual requirement to be a U.S. Citizen must have been too stringent?

To read the article click here.

This is my part to urge EVERYONE who cares about protecting our "unalienable" or God given rights to please make sure you cast your vote. Please contact everyone you know and remind, even urge them to vote. It is of the utmost importance.

JOIN ME in taking your stand as ONE VOICE in the VOICE of the PEOPLE!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Quotable Quotes

Our little man's voice yelling from the restroom:


Needless to say he wasn't feeling good and didn't make it to church... but what an absolutely adorable way to tell me he wasn't feeling good. (Maybe all my reminders that 'potty talk' is not welcome are finally getting through!)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What I've Been Up To...

OK! You may recall that a couple of months ago I looked into the mirror and saw the dreaded, proverbial BEFORE picture looking back at me. Thus, I embarked on learning to do my own hairstyle, eyebrows, went to the library and checked out books on reclaiming our outer beauty, etc. I am happy to say that the BEFORE picture is gone and here are some of the AFTER shots - after I remembered that I was worth taking care of too; after I remembered that it is OK to take time to shape your eyebrows; after I remembered to ask my amazing hair stylist to teach me to do it myself; and after I remembered that I can spend some time in front of a mirror without feeling guilty! So here is what happened after I remembered to enjoy who I am...

My wonderful husband gifted me some time with one extremely talented photographer and friend in the Utah area. My friend, Emily, and I had a blast together getting rid of the before image and putting together a basic head shot for either my real estate business cards, a jacket to a possibly published book or a promo shot for getting commercial print or film jobs. So basically, since I have no idea exactly what I am going to be doing with these pictures, we just had FUN!

Here is that sneak peek that my friends have been requesting. More can be found on Emily's photography blog or her websites - here (select her photo blog and scroll down to find yours truly).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bedazzled Spider

Happy Halloween! Here is a jeweled spider that each of the children made. We had a great time making them and these little creepy crawlers are now hangin' out in our decorations.

Model Helicopter

My dear husband and our wonderful children have had more of a chance to spend time together over the last couple of months. One of their new endeavors is making a model helicopter. Our children are loving working with their Dad on this model (basically a 'manly' craft in my mind). On the same table I had glue guns out and was working on my crafts. We have had some tremendously enjoyable evening around the table crafting, laughing and talking.

Our little ones are especially loving the paint and particularly the metallic paints. They are enjoying their time with their father tremendously.