Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to our Rosita Fresita!

We celebrated a wonderful birthday this past weekend! Our littlest girl turned eight years old! We had a wonderful time and I had so much FUN getting the party ready for her! Really, I had a blast - I made a dessert table, cup cake toppers, invitations, thank you notes and really enjoyed working with our little one to make her birthday memorable and fun! All of the girls had a great time and afterwards our little one expressed her gratitude for a wonderful memory that we created together!

Here are some of the things we whipped up:

Some 'strawberry - licious invitations to entice her guests!

The 'berry sweet cupcakes and cupcake toppers

Scrumptiously Close Up!

A Strawberry Sweet dessert table for munchies.

Lastly, a thank you gift for each of her friends to take home with them!

We had a great time - I even pulled out my grandmother's sewing machine and made the 16" doilies! Honestly, there are very few times in life we get to celebrate how great it is to be eight - so might as well do it with some strawberry-sweet flair!
Hope you can use these ideas to make your next celebration great!


fijiangirl said...

super cute idea...Must have been a fun day.

GramGrampsGazette said...

It looks like one scrumptious fun time!! Can't wait to see 'Miss 8" and all of you soon! Glad the party was such a success! Great #8 memories for the birthday girl!

meredith said...

that's really cute. BTW how old is your oldest daughter? I just don't see how your youngest can already be 8 when my youngest turns 5 in June. I think you should have another. It would just make me feel better :)

The Washburns said...

You and your daughter are seriously talented Andrea! What a fun birthday party. Congratulations to your sweetie on turning eight! Eight is an awesome age to be.

Loralee said...

Super Cute!!!!!!! I bet she felt so special! ADORABLE.

I have a good life said...

You absolutely rock! My hero! :)

Gio, Judi and Boys said...

dad showed me the invite to the baptizm...congratulations! and the party looked fun from the pics!!!