Monday, September 14, 2009

A Weekend Get Away...

Every one needs some time to remember, rejuvinate and relax. This weekend my cute husband and I have been able to take some time to do just that - we were supposed to travel into Mexico to close our storage unit there - but due to some red-tape at the U.S. / Mexico border we were unable to cross.

So instead we have found ourselves rejuvinating and relaxing at South Padre Island, TX. So far, this weekend we have ridden a jet-ski over the open ocean and through pods of dolphins; gone horseback riding on the beach; watched the sun dip below the ocean's horizon and enjoyed spending time together and refocusing both our marriage and our focus on our family.

During this time my wonderful mother has lovingly cared for all of our children! We have surprised family - dropping in and sleeping at their home in San Antonio - and our family has been so gracious and loving in each case! We are so very grateful for such wonderful family members - on all sides - and for the time they devote to our little family.

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