Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to our Little Ladybug!

She is nine! Our little 'L' is not so little any longer! This year for her birthday celebration she, Daddy and I went out to a special dinner and then shopped until the stores were closing around us! We had a great time with our daughter... we laughed and ate too much at the restuarant - 'L' benefitted because I didn't have room for my cheesecake dessert! Then we had a great time shopping.

We had given 'L' a budget and told her of our plans for a date; she coyly asked if she could get "anything" with her money. We unsuspectingly replied, "Yes". After dinner when we asked what store she wanted to go to - "PetSmart" was the answer... UH OH! Luckily all the hamsters had nasty, little tempers that day and the guinea pig was too hairy! Phew... next time we will make sure to give a couple tiny limitations to our birthday budgets!

We love our beautful daughter and we are SO glad that she has blessed our family these last nine years with her wonderful smile, willingness to help, sense of 'style' and her friendship!


meredith said...

be glad she didn't see the hermit crabs lol..

Loralee said...

Happy Birthday L! You are such a talented beautiful girl inside and out.

GramGrampsGazette said...

Glad you had such a fun birthday outing with your mom and dad -- hope 9 is a very good year for you!