Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas.... Already!

I have to remind myself it is Christmas! The weather is chilly in the mornings - but is about 70 degrees by mid-day and there isn't any snow around and few decorations to remind me of the season. So, I find myself singing Christmas carols in the car to remember that 'this is the season beloved of the year'. My sweet husband downloaded and burnt a CD of some of my favorite Christmas songs to carry me through until we get home!

Then, this morning my cute husband asked if I was excited to leave tomorrow morning - and really, I just am not ready. So, today I have to buy all the teacher's gifts, the gifts for family's stockings from Mexico, I have numerous meetings to tie up loose ends at church, host a 'Cena de Navidad' (Christmas Dinner) at the church tonight, have a final choir practice for the Chrismtas choir and indoctrinate our friends on caring for this house and all before the car service comes to pick us up tomorrow morning!

So, tomorrow morning we are on the way to Christmas festivities - whether I am ready or not! Once we get in the car bound for the Mexico City airport - I think, maybe, then I'll be able to breathe!

I think I'll ask Santa for some more time in the days!


Anonymous said...

Hello my little Ballard Family,

I just want to know when you're coming home?? You've been gone long enough now. The kids are growing up so fast!!

What an experience you've had and for the most part enjoyed. Now come home. (smile) I'm kinda kidding, and kinda not. We miss you.

Love and take care, especially with those scorpions...YUK.

Hugs and kisses.

Emily said...

Don't you know you live in vacation land? :) People go to Mexico for Christmas!

Enjoy time with your family! I hope you had time to at least hyperventilate before leaving! :)

GramGrampsGazette said...

Hope you were at least ready for the pick up this morning! And hope your travels were smooth! Can't wait to see you next week for a wonderful family Christmas! Love to all!

P.S. I agree w/ Bobbie --- time to come home, you are missed!

Robin said...

Thanks for the Christmas card. Its great to keep up with your great family.