Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Gal with Gumption...

Gumption: –noun Informal. 1. initiative; aggressiveness; resourcefulness: With her gumption she'll make a success of herself. 2. courage; spunk; guts: It takes gumption to quit a high-paying job. 3. common sense; shrewdness.

Sarah Palin seems to be a principled woman who is taking the spotlight and the nation by storm! She is articulate, beautiful and brave. She is standing as role model for women everywhere and I LOVE that she is defending her decisions regarding motherhood and pro-life! She is truly giving back to women (in a public way) the choices the feminists pulled away... the innate choice to CHOOSE to be a mother!

Many in today's society look down on the choice to be a mother because it is a 'waste' of talent, resources, time blah blah blah... in fact, I have even been personally asked, "Why did you bother going to college for your degree when all you do is stay home and waste it?" YES, I was actually asked that question!

My answer is - I am here, as a Mother, because that is what I WANT to be. I could be a great many things but foremostly I will be a wife and mother! If women truly have the right to choose anything they want to be then the choice to be a wife and mother is not only defendable but commendable! In this day and age when the world is an open door of opportunity I personally applaud those who choose Motherhood first and truly make a difference!

I am grateful that such stellar, female role models are on the national stage at this time and they have put Motherhood first and then they have fulfilled their roles in the community!

I applaud Sarah Palin and hope we will see more of these women speaking up and coming forth to support the idea of Family First even as they fulfill community roles!

It must be added that I do earnestly hope that her morals, values and principles are as solid in her personal life as they appear to be in her public life. I hope the best for this VP candidate and I hope that those women who are looking to her as a role model will find that their confidence in her is well founded.


Emily said...

Way to say it!

Aubrey said...

Amen sister!! It always floors me that poeple think that getting as much experience and education as you can is wasted when raising other humans to be confident, articulate, intelligent adults who can give back to the world. As if children will learn all that stuff on their own with no role models to follow.
Poeple who think that have no concept of what good parenting is!

fijiangirl said...

Girl, I've had the same thing said to me at a Republican congressional fundraiser no less! I was a little disappointd when she was first chosen but have quickly changed my opinion once I've seen how amazing she is. The more I learn of her the more impressed I am. But there is one nagging thought in the back of my mind. Is she really putting family first when she obviously have a family that greatly needs her now... a special needs child and another child ready to become a mother herself? As much as I like the woman and I want to see her in office I do wonder about this at times. I guess that is the issue women will always face.

Jason said...

Nicely put. Knowing you as I do, I agree that you could choose to be extremely successful in any arena you would choose to enter, and I do respect and admire you for choosing to fill the most important and underappreciated role in society - that of a mother.

When Sarah Palin was announced as the VP pick, I was not pleased because I didn't feel this was the season of life for her to serve in this capacity. As a mother of young children with serious needs and as a soon-to-be grandmother and mother-in-law, I was concerned about her ability to dedicate the 80 (minimum) hours per week required to be an effective VP. I'm just not sure she can be an effective VP and an effective mother to her very young children.

I still have those concerns, but I was thoroughly impressed with her speech at the GOP convention, and I am thrilled to see a "small town" woman without a deep political past on the national stage. I join with you in applauding her and hope that she has her priorities and values as straight in her personal life as she claims to have in the political spotlight.

Regardless of whether she and McCain are elected, I believe her presence in this election will throw open doors for women to opportunities in political and other arenas.

kristi said...

totally agree with all of that! She really does have a lot to offer - has helped confirm to me who I'm going to be voting for!

GramGrampsGazette said...

She certainly has the attention of a lot of people --- opening doors in a positive way on the ideas of Family First (although VP at this time might not be putting her family first), pro-life, and capable women with much to offer! She is certainly a shot in the arm for the McCain campaign!