Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I have been blessed with some of the greatest men life can afford to share and I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation for them!

Primarily, My father - Words cannot express the gratitude and love that I have for my father. He has raised four children but has always remained wise; he has laughed with us through our teenage years (and cried) while never being less than exemplary; he has weathered the storms of life and never lost faith, hope and charity; he has guided us through life with his love, all the while planting seeds of testimony in our lives; he has guided us through birth onto baptism, missions, eternal marriage and now into families of our own with a quiet strength; he has truly blessed our lives as nothing less than a "Father"!

My Father-in-law - When we first met his smile spoke volumes and I knew that I was welcome in his home and family. In the years since I have been welcomed into this family he has been blessed with great joy and endured trials and sorrows but he has never lost his focus on strengthening his family. He is a tremendous example of perseverance, endurance and continuing on against the odds. He is quick to find the best in others and to share with them what he sees. The greatest gift he has blessed me with is that of his son and the unshakable values and principles that he taught in his family. I find it hard to express my gratitude for the man who taught and guided his son - my husband! He has been a stellar support and friend in the adventure of marriage.

My husband - His faith, knowledge and radiant spirit attracted me immediately and those traits have never diminished. As he has become the Father of my children we have had our tests, yet his counsel and wisdom have always rung true and I have never gone wrong when I have followed his counsel. I could not ask for a better example for my children to grow up with - their father is full of faith; he works diligently for both business and church; he cares for all humanity and will serve and help whenever the opportunity arises; he loves our children unconditionally; he loves me and most importantly he loves the Lord; he serves our family as the best husband and father we could ever hope for!

Thank you each - your lives have touched the lives of myself and my children and I am blessed and better because of who you are! I love you!


fijiangirl said...

What sweet testaments to the men who bless your life.

marcia said...

very very nice and you are so blessed

kristi said...

hey - it looks like we had the same idea! We are very lucky to have such great examples!