Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another side of Mexico...

We have posted many pictures of beautiful cathedrals, squares, theatres and scenery that we have found in Mexico. That is only one side of Mexico - here is pictured another side of Mexico that is day to day life for many Mexicans. These pictures are taken from a barrio that we drove through and they depict the average lifestyle in Mexico. While we were driving through this area our car was literally stopped by a goat herder riding a donkey and blocking the intersection. The goats were intent on going to the market and then meandered along their way! The cow was resting in the yard of the house behind it - we saw many cows in and around the enclosed yards of the houses.

Here in Mexico we have found a juxtaposition of meager wages and a higher cost of living than we had anticipated before our visit! From what I understand, many international companies are drawn to this area due to the low wages yet they fail to realize that the people are barely able to support their own families on the income they receive. Days are spent in warehouses and after hours are spent gardening, cooking or cleaning for expatriates and more wealthy Mexican families in order to subsist. Yet, through it all the people we meet are generous with their time and all they have - they are wonderful examples of humble, kind people!

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