Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Shamu and "Sea World"

This weekend our family took an impromptu trip down to visit Aunt Tammy, our cousins, and Shamu! Our children loved being with "Z", their cousin, and were so excited to go to spend time at "Z's new house"! They played in every room in ther Aunt's new house! (They can't wait to go back again.)

Our family was so excited to go to Sea World! We enjoyed feeding the dolpins, riding "Shamu's Express" rollercoaster, the ferris wheel and the paint mixer (Sea World's version of the teacups). But, by far the experience that had our children awed and amazed was watching the new show "Believe" starring Shamu. Our son clapped so hard and fast; he was so engrossed in the show that nothing else could get his attention. Our little A loved it so much that she asked to wait until the entire stadium had cleared out so that we could walk down to the tank and look at Shamu up close. E and L decided that they want to swim with Shamu when they grow up. We had a wonderful time! That afternoon we went back and played in the "Lost Lagoon" waterpark - My husband relaxed and the kids and I got soaked! We did wave pools, "Splash Attack", "Sky Tubin" and all the kiddie pools we could find. M just kept saying, "Again, again."

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