Thursday, July 16, 2009

For all those who think you can't...

Often people tell me that it is amazing what our little work crew can do to a home - and that they could 'never do that'. But, here are some quick pics of our current painting, demolition and redesign of a fireplace surround & pulling up linoleum to replace with tile projects.

It is easy enough that our children are doing most of the demolition... it really is THAT easy! (But, it must be done with safety in mind.) The kids love it as well - what child wouldn't love to tear a house apart?

Note to my cute husband: I included pics of all the kids helping and one of yours truly! (Since you haven't seen us in over 5 weeks!)

Cute story: While we were on vacation I awoke to some squabbling on Saturday morning and went out to the television area only to find my kids trying to defend why an HGTV television show was more interesting than Saturday morning cartoons! (We watched one HGTV show and then all the cousins enjoyed cartoons together.)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quotable Quotes

"Goodbye to all you dead guys laying in the dirt."
- Our little Ladybug shouted out while leaving 'Sleepy Hollow Cemetery' in Concord, MA - where Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne & Henry David Thoreau are all buried.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sights, Sounds and Flavors of New England

While we were have been here, in New England, we have had a wonderful time! We have gone to the beaches in Newport, Rhode Island - Airshows - the New England Aquarium - Old North Bridge - Boston Common & Public Gardens - the site of The Liberty Tree - Tall Ships at Sail Boston 2009 - New Hampshire and more! We have had Canoli's from 'Mike's Pastries' in North End - Steamers & Lobster Dinner at home and TONS of Ice Cream! It has been a wonderful trip - we have enjoyed every day here!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July - New England Style

I love New England - the sights, the sounds and the parade! Sitting on the curb with my feet dangling into the street I loved sharing my childhood memories with my children. This year's celebration has been very special!

Happy 4th of July!

A place I call 'Home'

I am home! The sights, sounds, smells - the wind in the trees and the breeze in my hair while driving these tree-lined, winding New England roads are flooding my mind with memories of growing up - wonderful fun, dear friends and young romance. The roads are now lined - not only with trees, ponds, fields and rock walls - but also with cherished memories of friends and summers before I truly understood responsibility and the weight it can carry.

Although my home is wherever my family is - I have my own place here - in New England. Here is the place where I began and my personal memories linger. Climbing up the ranger station to look over the lights of my town; Hiking trails throughout the woods here or Franconia Notch; Dancing in the Pavilion on Rowe's Wharf; Watching sunsets or climbing rope courses with friends in Boy Scout Camps; Driving roads; High School Musicals; High School Proms and all the dreams of life, love and all that lay beyond this sleepy, little, New England town.

Since leaving New England I have received educational degrees, traveled and lived abroad, married, had four children, grown and matured (a little) - but returning here it is easy to remember my carefree life.

It has been a great holiday to share with my children - to share places where their mother walked, grew, dreamed, pondered and learned of life, love and service.

I love this place, the thoughts of friends and the tangible memories that fill this New England air. It is as much a part of me as I am a part of my children! This is where I was a child and began to become the woman I am! I am home and I am enjoying every memory in it!