Friday, August 29, 2008


I have not blogged for a while... but, to be honest, I have not cooked, cleaned, remembered to do anything useful or been of use to any of my family members for the 4 weeks before my parents visited... and "Why?", you ask... because I have been 'bitten' by the "Twilight" Series books by BYU graduate Stephenie Meyer!

A family recently moved here from America and they just happened to have the first three books in the "Twilight" series. So, I casually borrowed the first one on Friday - Saturday was busy and I didn't get to open it... but, it was a story about vampires so really, I wondered how good it could be? Then, after a full Saturday I opened the book and read from 8pm to 3am Sunday morning! HOLY COW! I found myself in love, enthralled and enjoying the story! After church Sunday I read the entire book, AGAIN! (Seriously, my husband thought I was a bit insane; he didn't get a 'real' dinner on Sunday!) Then, on Monday I reread my favorite parts in between housework, appts., etc.

Yes, I was officially hooked! I read "New Moon" and "Eclipse" on our family trip to San Antonio (twice each) and then finished "Breaking Dawn" for the 3rd time the other day! I have thoroughly enjoyed the books and look forward to seeing the 'Twilight' movie it comes out!

In an interview with one of the actor's portraying a member of the Cullen family on the film set it was stated, "The message is clear, you can choose morality or death!" I love that this is an interpersonal story on love and what it truly can be like... plus, I love the fact that the main female character longs for eternity with her true love! It makes me grateful that I truly have, "FOREVER"!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

We Wish You Were Here!

We are enjoying time with my parents who are down visiting from the Boston, Massachusetts area. We will update the blog when we have some time! We miss you all and wish you were here!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tip of the Day!

It was this past Sunday afternoon and I was directing a two ward (church congregation) choir; we have been preparing for a new building dedication in September. Their were many wonderful church members at there including the Bishop of our ward.

We practice many of the new songs sitting and then I have to ask everyone to stand - well, the word for 'everyone stand' is 'pararse' - I had made numerous mistakes over the past two months trying to say this word I would say 'pasarse' (everyone pass) or 'pusarse' (doesn't mean a thing)... and THEN, I got it! Finally, I said "Parase, por favor." I was so excited and the choir was cheering (I have seriously slaughtered their language, obviously) and so jokingly I said, "Finalamente, Soy caliente!" which I thought meant "Finally I got it, I'm hot." Well, they ALL just started laughing HYSTERICALLY and wagging their fingers at me and some of the men had incredulous looks on their faces... NOT GOOD! Noone would tell me what I said... just that it wasn't too good - which I could obviously gather from the look on the men's faces and the women laughing and wagging their fingers at me...

So, that brings me to my Spanish class yesterday and I was explaining the entire situation to my Spanish instructor. She just laughed and laughed and then explained that "Soy caliente" means "I am hot" but in an extremely passionate sense! So, my bishop probably got a real kick out of that one! We'll see just how long I stay in the Relief Soceity Presidency!

So, the Tip of the Day is: Unless you are speaking to your spouse, don't say "Soy Caliente"!